What is ProjectVid?

ProjectVid is a Cloud based system designed to facilitate and centralize collaboration and post production of video projects.  

What can I do with ProjectVid?

Upload videos you need to share with your teams and then you can manage the post process in the centralized system.  

  • All notes on a project in a powerfully useful format and in one location
  • All versions of a video in one location
  • Share notes with select team members or the entire team
  • Simple organization of projects and videos
  • Task mamagement

How do I get started? 

When you sign up, you'll automatically create your first Company

  • In the Company, you create Projects
  • In the Projects, you add videos
  • Then you invite your team 

How do I invite people to my Team? 

It's pretty easy, but there are a couple things it will help to know.  

  • There is Company Member management and Project Team management.  This gives you greater control over members at each level. 
  • Company members is accessed from a 'Company' page
  • Project Team is accessed from a Project page or a Video page
  • *If you invite a member to a Project they will only be a member of that Project (and available to add to other Projects in the same Company)
  • *If you invite a member to a Company, you must go to Company management and add them to Projects